PPR Elbow

With the excellent hygiene performance, high temperature and pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, flexibility, and great anti-seismic, PPR pipe fitting has gained great attention from the work and become the new water pipe of the cold and hot water pipelines in buildings.

  • PPR Elbow 25mm
  • PPR Elbow 32mm
  • PPR Elbow 40mm

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Hygienic and non-toxic: The product is a new type building material and can be used in the pure drinking water pipeline system.

High Temperature Resistance: Under the stated long-term continuous work pressure, the water temperature of pipeline transportation can reach 95°C.

Anti-corrosion and no ring: It can free the pipeline from furring congestion and the basin and bathtub from yellow spots and rusts.

Thermal Insulation and Energy conservation: the thermal conductivity coefficient is only 1/200 of the metal pipe and has an excellent effect of Thermal insulation and energy conservation when used in hot water pipelines.

Light with high intensity: The proportion is only one eighth of the metal. The pressure resistance test intensity reaches 5MPa (50Kg/cm) or above. It has good tenacity and are resistance to wallop.

Easy and Reliable Installation: It adopts thermal fusion connection with no thread connection can be done in a few seconds. High quality copper inlay pieces are adopted when connecting with metal pipelines and water consumption machine. It is safe and reliable.

Long Service Life: When under normal use the service life of pipeline system can be 60 year or more.

Agreeable Appearance: The internal and external walls of the products are smooth. The flowing resistance is small, the colors are soft and the graphics are beautiful.


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